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Volume 29, Part 1 (2021)

  • Khosa, M.C., Dube, Z., Tselanyane, M., Senabe, J., Fouche, G., De Waele, D. and Daneel, M.S. Effect of Maerua angolensis and Tabernaemontana elegans leaf meal extracts on Meloidogyne incognita second-stage juvenile hatch and viability, 1-9
  • Ehtesham, N.P., Azimi, S. and Pedram, M. First molecular characterisation of Helicotylenchus abunaamai Siddiqi, 1972 and H. dihystera (Cobb, 1893) Sher, 1961 (Tylenchomorpha: Hoplolaimidae) from Iran, 11-22
  • Starodumova, I.P., Dorofeeva, L.V., Chizhov, V.N., Nadler, S.A., Subbotin, S.A. and Evtushenko, L.I. Bacteria associated with plant tissues infected by plant-parasitic nematodes from families Anguinidae Nicoll, 1935 and Aphelenchoididae Skarbilovich, 1947. 23-29
  • Cakmak, T., Gozel, ., Gozel, U., Achiri, D.T. and Kaydan, M.B. Biodiversity and distribution of soil nematodes in Mount Ararat, Turkey, 31-48
  • Nxitywa, A. and Malan, A.P. Formulation of Steinernema yirgalemense by entrapment in alginate beads, 49-58
  • Kumar, K.K. and Mohan, S. Evaluation of primary and mutant forms of Photorhabdus luminescens on in vitro growth and multiplication of their nematode symbiont Heterorhabditis indica, 5964
  • Lotfi, Z. and Azadeh Gharahkhani, A. Additional data on an Afghani population of Merlinius brevidens (Allen, 1955) Brzeski, 1991 (Rhabditia: Merliniidae), with molecular study, 65-74
  • Ivanova,E.S., Gorgadze, O.A., Lortkhipanidze, M.A. and Spiridonov, S.E. Phasmarhabditis akhaldaba sp. n. associated with a slug Deroceras reticulatum in Lesser Caucasus mountains in Republic of Georgia, 75-88