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Volume 16, Part 2 (2008)

  • Qi, Y.H., Li, X.H., Ma, J., Li, M.Q. and Chen, S.L. Chemotaxis of Ditylenchus destructor in response to different inorganic ions, 16-76.
  • Pena-Santiago, R. and Ciobanu, M. The genus Crassolabium Yeates, 1967 (Dorylaimida: Qudsianematidae): Diagnosis, list and compendium of species, and key to their identification, 77-95.
  • Son, S.-H., Khan, Z., Kim, S.G. and Kim, Y.H. Effects of seed treatment with rhizobacterium, Paenibacillus species on management of root-knot nematode-Fusarium wilt fungus disease complex in tomato plants, 97-105.
  • Vangestel, S., Houthoofd, W., Bert, W., Vanholme, B., Calderon-Urrea, A., Willems, M., Artois, T. and Borgonie, G. Assessment of the configuration of the posterior cells of the nematode embryo as a potential phylogenetic marker, 107-120.
  • Zograf, J.K., Astakhova, A.A. and Yushin, V.V. Ultrastructure of spermatozoa in the free-living marine nematode Monoposthia costata (Chromadoria, Desmodorida), 121-128.
  • Liskova, M., Cerevkova, A. and Hanel, L Nematode communities of forest ecosystems in association with various soil orders, 129-142.
  • Devran, Z., Sogut, M.A., Gozel, U., Tor, M. and Elekcioglu, I.H. Analysis of genetic variation between populations of Meloidogyne spp. from Turkey, 143-149.
  • Guo, D., Zhao, B., Li, R.G., Kulinich, O.A. and Ryss, A. Purification of flagellin of Pseudomonas fluorescens GcM5-1A carried by the pine wood nematode, Bursaphelenchus xylophilus, and its in vitro toxicity to a suspension of cells of Pinus thunbergii, 151-157.
  • Zheng, J.W., Li, X.Q., Zhang, Y. and Subbotin, S.A. Molecular characterization of the cyst-forming nematode, Heterodera sinensis Chen & Zheng, 1994, from China, 159-162.