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Volume 15, Part 2 (2007)

  • Nedelchev, S. and Peneva, V. Description of the male of Mesodorylaimus chipevi Nedelchev & Peneva, 2000 (Nematoda: Dorylaimidae) from Livingston Island, Antarctica, 75-78.
  • Vidakovic, J. and Bogut, I. Periphyton nematode assemblages in association with Myriophyllum spicatum L. in Lake Sakadas, Croatia, 79-88.
  • Tzortzakakis, E.A. The effect of the fungus Pochonia chlamydosporia on the root-knot nematode Meloidogyne incognita in pots, 89-94.
  • Son, S.-H., Khan, Z., Moon, H.S., Kim, S.G., Moon, Y., Choi, D.-R. and Kim, Y.H. Nematicidal activity of secondary metabolites of a plant growth promoting rhizobacterium, Paenibacillus polymyxa, 95-100.
  • Spiridonov, S.E., Ivanova, E.S. and Pham, L.V. Two new species of Ungellidae and Homungellidae (Drilonematoidea; Rhabditida) from Vietnamese earthworms and the phylogenetic links of these families, 101-108.
  • Yushin, V.V. Spermatogenesis in a species of Paralinhomoeus (Nematoda, Monhysterida, Linhomoeidae), 109-116.
  • Madani, M., Kyndt, T., Colpaert, N., Subbotin, S.A., Gheysen, G. and Moens, M. Polymorphism among sugar beet cyst nematode Heterodera schachtii populations as inferred from AFLP and ITS rDNA gene analyses, 117-128.
  • Shokoohi, E., Abolafia, J., Kheiri, A. and Zad, J. Nematodes of the order Rhabditida from Tehran province, Iran. The genus Chiloplacus Thorne, 1937, 129-151.
  • Cuthbertson, A.G.S., Mathers, J.J., Nrthing, P., Luo, W. and Walters, K.F.A. The susceptibility of immature stages of Bemisia tabaci to infection by the entomopathogenic nematode Steinernema carpocapsae, 153-156.
  • Book review, 157-158.
  • Book review, 159-160.